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Coleman Oaks Thrift Store & Coffee Shop

Coming Soon!
This is an artist rendition of the way the Coleman Oaks Thrift Store and Coffee Shop may look.


130 Commercial Street, Coleman, Florida 33521
Drive by and see what’s up!

thrift store logo registered.png

We will be posting ongoing updates of the Thrift Store activity on this Page, see below.

See Thermometer above for the most current offering. To give please click the "Give" button above. Thank you!


APRIL 17, 2024 - Click here to see the new 360 video, an amazing 3 dimensional exterior and interior view of Coleman Oaks Thrift Store & Coffee Shop!  











MARCH 1, 2024 - Play the 2-minute intro video below of Jonathan Baker and Pastor Jim.



NEW VIDEO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE! "Congregational Information Gathering."Many of our members and friends have been unable to attend one of our information gatherings, so we video taped a recent gathering and it is now available online.

  • Click HERE to watch the video - "Congregational Information Gathering."

  • Click HERE to access the information packet distributed at all our sessions online.

  • Click HERE to view the Presentation Slides.

To learn more about Coleman Oaks, please contact Jonathan Baker at (302-260-2272) or  You can also contact the church office and leave your name for us to contact you.


JANUARY 12, 2024 - Check out the LOGO (above) for the new Coleman Oaks Thrift Store and Coffee Shop. This was developed through the logo contest competition that Lake Deaton UMC had.  There were 25 entries of logos in many different forms, computer generated, formal art renderings and hand drawn examples. We are planning to use some of the entries as artwork inside the Store. All were great! This logo is the conclusion of a collaboration between these contest entries and our Thrift Store Team. We hope this logo will serve us well in the coming years.


On DECEMBER 15, 2023 we closed on the two pieces of property (One is 1.8 acres and the second is .4 acres) see address above.  The due diligence and the survey are completed (no surprises). We have completed our environmental survey (no problems). We know we will need to go to a septic system because there are no sewers in the area. We are looking at January for the main capital fund drive for the project. There will be a second “Joyful Junque” sale in February 2024, look for announcements. Thank you to everyone who participates in the thrift store effort!


Whenever you develop any commercial property there are important steps that must take place, we have outlined those steps.

  • Research land and put desired property on hold. DONE

  • Due Diligence Period (Key Property Analysis) DONE

  • Development of the Funds (Key Funding) DONE

  • Property Purchase (Right Property/Right Price) DONE

  • Procurement of the Funds (Key Funding) DONE

  • Property Development (Clear Land / Secure Permits)

  • Conclude building design (Architect, Engineer)

  • Secure Materials

  • Begin Construction (Building/Parking/Sewer/Electric)

  • Complete Building (Finish construction)

  • Campaign to Stock Building

  • Celebrate & Communicate Grand Opening

So where are we now in the process? (See our thermometer).

Get on the List!

Click HERE or contact Jonathan Baker, Director of Missions & Outreach, at to receive updates on our Thrift Store project.

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