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Coleman Oaks Connections

Coleman Oaks Connections is an outreach of Coleman Oaks Thrift Store & Coffee Shop working with individuals and families where the welcome is warm, faith grows, love becomes action and lives are changed.

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Coleman Oaks Connections!


Coleman Oaks Thrift Store & Coffee Shop is located at 130 South Commercial Street in Coleman, Florida. It is an outreach program of Lake Deaton United Methodist Church in The Villages, Florida seeking to serve the greater community and provide a resource to extend Lake Deaton's mission and ministry locally and around the world. Coleman Oaks Connection is a special ministry within the Thrift Store


The Purpose of this special ministry is to provide an opportunity to express God's care and love through a team trained to help individuals and families in crisis and connect them with resources within our church and the community


With an office located inside Coleman Oaks Thrift Store we...

  • Provide a non-judgemental, caring and welcoming environment.

  • Interview and assess the needs of persons requesting assistance.

  • Determine if there are resources within the Thrift Store to provide assistance immediately.

  • Facilitate connections between individuals in need and valuable community resources, ensuring that no one feels isolated or unsupported. By bridging gaps between those seeking assistance and available services, we aim to foster a stronger sense of community and mutual support. Our role involves identifying appropriate resources and guiding individuals towards them, promoting a network of care and empowerment.


How we do what we do. We desire to model our faith in all we do by:

  • Providing a non-judgemental, caring and welcoming environment. All persons will be treated with respect and kindness without discrimination based on race, sex, religion, or personal needs or situations.

  • Interviewing and assessing persons requesting assistance in a safe and caring environment. Active listening is the heart of what we do.

  • Assisting persons with what items the thrift store can provide to meet their immediate needs.

  • Referring persons to organizations that specialize in promoting self-sufficiency and can provide the assistance they need.

  • Collaborating and engaging with local organizations to address people's needs, aiming to support their journey towards self-sustainability.


With the goal of assisting people to move towards self-sustainability, Coleman Oaks Connections seeks to connect people with other organizations or ministries in our surrounding area that can assist them. Working together to provide resources, information, and support, we will be able to better serve those seeking help.


For additional information Contact:

Jonathan Baker

Director of Mission/Outreach

Lake Deaton United Methodist Church

church: 352-571-4665

This outreach ministry is Lake Deaton's heartfelt way to assist in making life better for those in need in our surrounding community and world. It focuses upon

"relationships shifting from doing ministry for people to doing ministry with people."

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