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Writing Letters

Lake Deaton Card Ministry

Join us every first Wednesday of each month from 12 to 3pm, in making cards to help meet the daily needs of our congregation and their families!

The Lake Deaton Card Ministry Team care for and connect with folks using greeting cards.

Who Do You Know Could Use a Smile?

These cards are used by our Lake Deaton UMC Care Department.  Join us and bring adhesive, scissors or any card making supplies you may have.

Cards are sent in sympathy, with get well wishes, providing encouragement, and other supportive needs. They are a lovely way to let people know that the Lake Deaton family cares about them.

The team encourages you to contact Janice Braden at with the names and information of anyone that could benefit from a cheery card and personal message. The team includes Bible verses and notes thoughtfully selected for each individual's situation. It's amazing how an unexpected card can brighten a person's day and help them feel connected and part of our church family. The team relies on each of you to alert them when folks can benefit from this uplifting connection.


Teresa Burgess




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