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Our resource page includes, "Stay in the Know" Weekly Announcement Video, "Lake Deaton Happenings!" monthly newsletter, "Lake Deaton Weekly" email and other resources to help you grow with us and stay informed. You can also download our Church By Ministry One app.  Click the Download Button.:

Stay in the know...

The Lake Deaton Happenings monthly newsletter goes out via email on the 1st of each month at 10 AM. Click on the image below to read our most recent newsletter.


For 2024, you are invited to join us in reading through the New Testament, 5 chapters per week! Pick up a bookmark at the church any time, or follow along by clicking image below.


The Lake Deaton Weekly Email goes out on Thursdays at 4:00 PM. If you would like to be added to our email list, contact Cindy Sutorka at

Click image below to read our latest email.


The Lake Deaton's Calendar includes all events and activities for your information. To add your event/activity to our calendar, contact Cindy at

Click image below to see full calendar.

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