Zoe Update

ZOE Empowers recently announced the graduation of the Light Born Empowerment Group from Chennai, India, that our Lake Deaton congregation supported for the last three years. Based on an amazing model to help orphans become self-sustaining, these graduates learned life skills, started new businesses, and are now supporting themselves and their families. Most of them were homeless when they began the program but, through teaching life skills, coaching, lots of prayer and love,  these young people’s lives have been forever changed. Several members from Lake Deaton had the privilege of meeting these young people in 2019 and celebrate this accomplishment. 

Nandhini, leader of the Light Born Empowerment Group, shared these words in a report you can find on our WEB site: Lake Deaton United Methodist Church | Serve Globally (lakedeatonumc.com) under ZOE.  Please take time to read this report of the amazing things you helped make possible through your extravagant generosity.  Thank you for being the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus!  If you want to know more about ZOE, contact Jonathan Baker at jonbaker@comcast.net.

Click here for the full report.   

  • Dear All, 


    Our group is in the slum area in Royapuram. We all think ZOE as a great blessing in our life. In our group, many businesses such as tea shop, tiffin shop, dress shop, fruits shop, tailoring and many more are there and everyone in our group makes a good career out of such a variety of businesses. Now our life situation has improved, and we are happy. We thank ZOE organization and all the partners who made this life possible for us. 

    Thanking you,