Weekday Teams

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  • Knuckle Busters

    Help set up tables, chairs and classrooms for classes and events.  Must be able to lift heavy objects.  

    Contact Leo Steffen for more information circleemail

  • Knuckle Busters, Chair Stackers

    Every Sunday we remove all the chairs from the worship space and we put them back again on Friday.  Join the team that stacks and unstacks the chairs.  Some strength is needed to stack the chairs, but several jobs require little strength. These include latching and unlatching chairs, sliding chairs along floor and measuring aisles and rows.  The entire job usually only takes 30 minutes.  

    Contact Kerry Hughes for more information circleemail

  • Honey Bees

    Help our facilities crew by dusting, cleaning and mopping one time a week for 1 to 2 hours.  No special skills needed.  

    Contact Leo Steffen for more information circleemail

  • Kitchen Volunteers

    There are may different jobs to do in the kitchen.  No experience necessary, we can train you in each of these areas.  Volunteer teams work mostly on Wednesday morning at the Men's Prayer Breakfast and Wednesday Evening at Grow Night Dinner.  

    • Food Preparation
    • Room Set Up
    • Table Bussers
    • Dish Washers
    Contact Phyllis Josupeit for more information circleemail
  • Front Desk Volunteer

    Volunteer in the office and get to know both the staff and congregation.  No experience needed.  Main tasks, include, greeting guests to the church who come to the office area, answering the phone and performing miscellaneous clerical tasks. 

    Contact Denise Herzberg for more information circleemail