Drive Thru Dinner Church and Pancake Connect

With the COVID pandemic, our world and how we do the work of being missional has changed. We have found ways to reach those in need with the love of Jesus. LDUMC Fresh Expressions has joined with Wildwood Fresh Expressions (called Connect) to be the hands, feet and voice for Jesus intended to bring the love of Jesus to those who do not know Jesus or those who do not have a church. 

We have a Drive Thru Dinner Church once a week at Wildwood UMC that continues to grow; with this Fresh Expressions we are serving families that are hungry physically and spiritually. We follow CDC guidelines for the safety of all involved. We are mostly outside and keep the number of volunteers serving to a minimum because of COVID. We also need many volunteers behind the scene to make this a successful event. The Food Pantry supplies most of the food. Our desserts, bread and salad come from much needed volunteers. We also have Jesus centered craft bags to give to families with children.  We need volunteers to help with supplies and assembling the craft bags. The Drive Thru Dinner church gives us the opportunity to show Love of Jesus. The drive thru works like this:  as they drive up to receive a delicious pasta dinner with homemade desserts, garlic bread and salad (made by parishioners wanting to give back) we offer Jesus themed crafts with for the children and offer a zoom link for the drive thru folks to go home and link into a Jesus story. Finally, what is really awesome is they are asked if they would like prayer, most of them say yes as they pull their vehicle over we have prayer warriors listen to them and then receive prayer.  

We also do a Pancake breakfast called Pancake Connect. It is more of a walk thru as most don’t have vehicles in this neighborhood. Jay Newport is the leader for this Fresh Expressions. It is run with the same idea as the Drive Thru Dinner Church. Before COVID 19, we built up this Fresh expressions serving pancakes, sausage and juice for 10-11 months. It took a while to build the trust of the neighborhood as we were very different than them in many ways. We did end up building a community breakfast with lots of fun, worshiping by telling Jesus stories, playing children’s games, as well as having lots of conversation and prayers. Pancake Connect is a growing community of serving, listening, worshiping, loving and being church. 

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Karen Hughes at or call at 225-328-1006