The visioning process is a planning process to help Lake Deaton discern God’s will for our mission and ministry and help set the future directions and cohesive priorities.  This process begins by understanding who we are as a congregation (“What is”), where God is directing us (“What ought to be”), and what we can do to achieve God’s will for Lake Deaton (Renew our commitment). The visioning process is a call to close the gap between the “what is” and “what ought to be” while reflecting on the values, beliefs, hope and dreams of a Christ-centered congregation.

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Re-Vision Team Update

After months of prayers, discernment, listening to God, the congregation, and community,
the Re-Vision Team has a final draft of Lake Deaton's Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values. This is being given to our LEAD Team who will shepherd this proposal and begin preparing a Strategic Plan to help us live into God's Vision, Mission and Core Values for Lake Deaton. All of this will culminate with a Charge Conference meeting with our District Superintendent in November.
   In addition, the comments from the Study Guides on Five Practices of a Fruitful Congregation have been so important to the work of the Re-Vision Team. These comments have also been forwarded to all our Ministry and Resource Teams as they begin planning for the future.
These comments are available to you by clicking below:

   Thank you for all your prayers and participation. 

Re-Vision Team Update - what is our “mission area”?

We have been reviewing profiles and demographics of The Villages, Wildwood, Coleman, and surrounding areas to better understand our mission area and determine God’s vision for our future. Pastor Jim and the Team has put together a summary profile of The Mission Field We Are and the Mission Field We Serve. There is also a profile on the “typical” Villagers called Bob & Sally.

Re-Vision Resources

Resources for ReVision Study

Please click on the link to download, or call the church office to pick up a printed copy.

Word Document Facilitators for Small Group Guide             

PDF Document Facilitators for Small Group Guide     

Word Document - Study Guide for Individuals

PDF Document - Study Guide for Individuals

  • Q and A Sheet for Re-Vision Process

    This two page sheet will answer many of your questions about our re-vision process.  It also provides information about who is on the revision team.  Click here to read the Q and A Sheet.

  • Prayer of Jabez Printable

    Click here to download a PDF printable of the Prayer of Jabez.

  • Prayer of Jabez Resources

    The Prayer of Jabez Bible Study by Bruce Wilkinson

    The Prayer of Jabez Bible Study reveals how to make praying the Jabez prayer a lifetime habit. Readers will broaden their understanding of the four components of the Jabez prayer ("bless me; enlarge my borders; keep Your hand upon me; keep me from evil") by investigating key scriptural passages and learning how to apply them to their lives. Graphics and lighthearted illustrations make this innovative, four-week study impactful and fun. An eighty-page Leader's Edition with two additional, optional sessions is also available. Available on Amazon or other book stores.

    The Prayer of Jabez Devotional by Bruce Wilkinson - 31 day devotional journal

    The Prayer of Jabez Devotional is designed with you in mind.  Every page is intended to help you make a lifelong habit of beginning each day with the expectation of seeing--and participating in--God's supernatural plans for your life.  You'll find thirty-one days of personal mentoring and encouragement, plus suggestions for recording your spiritual journey in the accompanying volume, The Prayer of Jabez Journal. Available on Amazon or other book stores.

    The Prayer of Jabez Music….a Worship Experience

    An audio CD with musical selections inspired by The Prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10.  Beautiful music for worship or devotional time. Available on Amazon or YouTube.

    Four songs from YouTube:  

    Prayer of Jabez - The Prayer Of Jabez - YouTube

    Be in Your Blessings - Be In Your Blessing - YouTube

    Bless Me - Bless Me (The Prayer Of Jabez) - YouTube

    Beyond the Borders - Beyond The Borders - YouTube

  • Listening for God

    Many people have already shared about how they have been blessed by praying the Prayer of Jabez for themselves and for Lake Deaton. One person is keeping a written journal of the insights God brings during her prayer time. Another person shared that she had always been hesitant to talk to her neighbors about God and church and that, after praying this prayer for several days, she felt more peace about sharing her story with others! Another person spoke about how they had never felt worthy of asking for God’s blessings for them. They surrendered the burden they had carried as they hung their hurt on the tree in our worship center and picked up a butterfly, a symbol of God’s steadfast love and hope. Now they are praying for God to bless them, knowing that “when I am blessed I can bless others.”

    Our ReVision Team would like to hear from you during this listening period, if God reveals something to you about Lake Deaton in your prayer time.  You can email us or drop off a note to the church office. As you pray, here are some focus questions if needed:

    • Do I believe God wants to bless me?  Bless Lake Deaton?
    • What blessings is God sending for my life?  For Lake Deaton?
    • How does God want me to “enlarge my territory and borders”? For Lake Deaton?
    • Do I trust God to “keep me from evil”?  Keep Lake Deaton from evil?
    • What in my life needs to change so that I  “may not cause pain” to others?  What does Lake Deaton need to change so it may not cause pain to others?