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  • Pastor Jim's Blog

    I am a son of Christ, husband of Loida, father of Maysson, Christina and Jonathan. I am a rider of bikes, a hiker of trails and a reader of books. I love my Lord, parents, siblings, wife. children and my congregation. I especially love new friends who are searching for truth. This blog is filled with my thoughts as I meander through the Word.

  • Pastor Loida's Blog

    I have never been one to journal, but as I get older I find myself writing thoughts, phrases, and memories. Join with me in discovering how God speaks through daily working, exercising (or not), shopping, laundry, or just random encounters with people and with nature.

  • Pastor Kristyne's Blog

    Pastor Kristyne's Blog is the home to her thoughts, special studies and devotionals. She hopes that you find it easy to use and helpful.