Flutter By Garden

It's Official...The Flutter By Garden at Lake Deaton is coming soon!

It's almost time to "dig in" and begin this special project.  Florida is home to a spectacular array of native wildflowers and plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other beneficial wildlife.  There has been an 80% decline in the Monarch Butterfly population since 2005, because of the loss of its natural habitat.  Our plan is to build a beautiful, peaceful garden on our church property to enhance this amazing piece of land and to provide a place that we can quietly sit in a peaceful oasis to pray, mediate and enjoy God's creation.  

The garden will be funded by donations and fundraising.  Our first fundraising effort is live now.  Visit our Lake Deaton Store for more information on fundraising.  

Watch for updates and opportunities to be a part of this exciting project. If you have any questions please contact LuAnn. circleemail