Prayer Quilts and Prayer Shawls

There are two ways individuals can receive prayers in time of need for illness, grief, or just for general comfort.

Quilts: You can complete the online request form on the Lake Deaton web site. Click “Connect” then “Care.” Once the request is submitted, an appropriate quilt will be selected. The quilt will be hung in the Narthex or near the altar for the congregation to pray and tie a knot for the recipient.

Prayer Shawls and Small-size Lap Blankets: These are always available on the altar rails when the church is open. Shawls are prayed over while they are being knit or crocheted. Complete the yellow information card that is attached to the shawl and drop it in the basket provided, or turn in at the office.

Does the recipient need to give consent to receive a quilt?

Quilts: Yes. Their name will be published in Lake Deaton Happenings.

Shawls: No consent is needed.

What else do I need to know about these ministries?

Since 2016: 190 prayer quilts given

Since 2020: 71 prayer shawls given

Contributions are appreciated but not necessary.

Click here to request a prayer quilt.