Other Classes

  • The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi

    Teacher - Pastor Loida

    Dates/Time - Wednesday, Nov 4 - Dec 16, 4pm (In-person) 

    Class Description - In this six-session video study, come and re-live the events of the birth of Jesus by visiting sites in Israel through this study.  Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel, a messianic Jewish rabbi who was trained in the ancient rabbinical way, provide a fascinating background. Details into the language, culture and heritage make the story of the New Testament come alive. Click on the image to sign up.  

    Book: $10 and Workbook: $15 (due at first class) 

  • Tuning into the Voice of God

    Teacher - Kris Schonewolf  

    Dates/Time - Tuesday, Nov 3 - Jan 5 at 7 - 8pm   (Meeting by Zoom)

    Class Description - Do you long to hear the voice of God more clearly? Would you like to be able to discern between your voice, God's voice and the accuser? Would you like a way to hear God in a fresh new way that gives you access into hearing God's thoughts about every aspect of your life? Then this class is for you! Just click on the image to sign up.  

    Cost of Book: $15

  • Wednesday Men's Bible Study

    When - 9:00 each Wednesday

    Where - Zoom Session, After Zoom Men's Breakfast (Same Session ID)

    What - One Hour Study, including video, handout, discussion and wrap-up

    More - Different Topics Each Week - No Homework!

    Who - For More Information Contact Don Argus circleemail

  • Community Bible Study

    The Villages CBS classes are open to all women who are interested in learning about God’s Word and its personal application in today’s world. This group meets TBA from TBA, September through April.

    For more information contact Sue Wyman at (352) 430-2201.